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Bothell Cost Of Living

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Bothell Cost Of Living. The average annual pay in bothell is $76,747.00, which is $17,723.00 higher than the salary average in washington and higher than the u.s. With a population density of 3,159 people per square mile, bothell is well above the nation's average density level.

Zip 98021 (Bothell, WA) Cost of Living
Zip 98021 (Bothell, WA) Cost of Living from

The average sale price per square foot in bothell is $520, up 22.9% since last year. By using's cost of living calculator, you can make a cost of living comparison of the consumer price index ( cpi. The standard of living in bothell west ranks as #5,581 most affordable out of the 6,418 places we measured in.

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