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Dime Struck On Wrong Planchet

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Dime Struck On Wrong Planchet. You can look up foreign coins produced by the rcm in 2007 in patrick glassfords website. If you look at the obverse of this coin, beside the metal.

Wrong Planchet Errors or Off Metal Errors VARIETY & ERRORS from

A coin that is struck with domestic dies but on a planchet intended for foreign use. Found this 1977 no mm roosevelt dime and it seams improperly anealed, on a penny planchet, or foreign coin planchet, wrong stock, missing clad layer? If this dime is on a foreign planchet 400 to 600.

The Ocin Is Complete, But Rather Weakly Struck On The Edges And Rims.

It was struck on a silver planchet intended for a roosevelt dime. Hey all, first time poster and long time lurker. Planchets and struck coins were transported in large metal hoppers.

Such Situations Generally Arise When The Mint Has Decided To Change The Alloy Or Plating Of The Coin In The.

Gold $20 double eagle 25 coronet head 20 saint gaudens 5. Dime (as pictured above) 2. If you are striking on a severely undersized planchet it doesn't expand enough to make contact with the collar and so does not acquire the reeding.

The 1972 Dime Is A Little Bit Thicker It's Darker S Around The Rim It Looks Like Copper There Is No Clad Anywhere To Be Found Either This Is A Cladless Dime Or It's On The Wrong Planchet Almost The Diameter Of A Penny And The Queen Is Obviously A Different Type Of Metal Because When I Dropped The Coins They.

As you can see, since the nickel is smaller than a quarter, there is a considerable amount of extra material on the rims. Incorrect or wrong planchet errors can be worth $400 for a cent struck on a dime planchet to $18,000 for a 1983 cent struck on a 95% copper planchet (supposed to be copper plated zinc planchet in 1983). Is a coin struck between dies that were never intended to be used together such as a coin with nickel obverse and a dime reverse.

Found This 1977 No Mm Roosevelt Dime And It Seams Improperly Anealed, On A Penny Planchet, Or Foreign Coin Planchet, Wrong Stock, Missing Clad Layer?

While most of the leftover silver planchets from 1964 were melted down or used for proof silver coins, some were either accidentally or purposely used. The us mint has some really strict planchet size and weight tolerances. It's a 1965 silver quarter struck on the wrong planchet.

The Only Possible Options For A Wrong Planchet For A Nickel Are:

The edge is all copper, obverse and reverse copper toned, and the reeds seem all wrong and are smooth in places very similar to a penny edge! The coinage act of 1965 removed 90% silver coinage from circulating coins in an effort to cut costs. A quarter struck on a dime planchet) or it may be a different composition (e.g., a quarter struck on a nickel planchet).

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